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About Us

Lumio Solutions (a trading name of Lumio Limited) are a Scotland (UK) based software house in who specialise in the development of bespoke, web, mobile and Windows software applications. Using the latest technologies, we offer an efficient and professional service to deliver fast and reliable solutions to our clients.

By looking at the testimonials above you will see that our service and technical expertise has helped many businesses in the UK.

The Team

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Co-Founder / Director - Developer

Jay is one of those guys who you'd call a geek. With a great deal of experience in the software industry he knows what's best when it comes to software and bespoke systems.

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Co-Founder / Director - Digital Designer

With a wonderful creative imagination and keen attention to detail, Liese is a true designer not only in web and mobile but in 3D.

Our Belief

We believe in developing products to the highest standards.

We don’t cut corners to rush a job out because we manage our projects well with realistic timeframes, rather than guesstimates. We won’t promise you what we can’t deliver, but we will deliver you the best project for a highly competitive price.

Our team have worked extensively in software development, web development, graphic and digital design and new media for many years now, with corporate clients and small businesses, games companies, print media houses and government organisations.


We have over 20 years of experience in the software industry and our team have worked with a wide range of clients, from blue chip companies to small and medium scale businesses.


Whether you want a company intranet, a website with an easy-to-use content management system, or an integrated and responsive web application, we are here to help.

With technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and the .NET Framework, our solutions will give your site a richer interface with enhanced mobile support.


More and more people are using mobile devices to interact with others on-line, so having a mobile solution will build better relationships with your clients and increase your visibility.

With our development and design team, we are able to created mobile applications, for various platforms such as Android, to help your organization interact with your customers instantly.


We have expertise, proven development methods and extensive knowledge of software development. This enables us to offer a professional and competitive solution, whatever your application requirements are.

We offer a bespoke application development service for which can be optimised for web, mobile or standalone delivery. Using .NET, Mono and frameworks we deliver our products on time and to the highest coding standards.


At Lumio Solutions we are always looking to the future.

We continually update and develop our skill sets to keep up with the latest technologies, so we are able to offer our clients the best possible solutions.

Below are just some of the technologies we're currently using.

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